Has your dog ever run off and gone missing?

Our first dog Buster, a Collie cross did. Out on a walk he was there. And then he wasn’t. After 3 very anxious and worrying hours, we had a phone call as he had a tag. He had found his way to the local butcher’s house!

All was well and we could relax again. So worrying though. It prompted us to train him to come when called which he did well …as long as he could hear us. Not so keen though if he detected in our voice we were impatient or angry.

So we used a whistle that he could hear on a windy day or if he was a field or two away. And it didn’t matter who was blowing it. It worked the same. He just heard the whistle and came. Simple and it made life so much easier when out on a walk knowing you had that sort of control. And very rewarding too!

My name is Geoff Gill founder of Jedzillas Puppy Products. It was founded in 2015 and specializes in providing the essential tools needed for dog training. We are committed to helping dog owners keep their dogs safe from a distance through equipping them with the best dog whistle and training manual on the market. The concise step by step training manual that accompanies our whistle will help you train your dog in no time.

Dog whistles have a longstanding tradition. Centuries back, the whistle formed from the lips of a dog owner was the main whistling source. As time has progressed, advancements have been made in the way dog whistles are made.

There is no doubt that a well trained dog will make your life easier. Our products will help you bond with your best friend by teaching him to obey your commands. When trained (which need not take long) he will come when called and behave in social situations as you want him to.

The investment in training time and a few dollars will pay off many times over and will help you and your dog enjoy life that much more.

Our whistles are designed to help you train your dog or puppy so they do come when called, so they stay out of harms way even from a distance or when you don’t know where they are. Believe me, that can be worrying!

It makes their life safer and your live easier and more relaxed.

Take the first step in controlling your loved one by exploring our website and finding out how our whistles can help you and them, especially when they go missing.