Ultra Long Range whistle to teach your dog obedience for up to half a mile way

Imagine having total control over your dog. Helps you train your working dog or pet obedience, recall, sit, stay, to stop them barking or whatever else is useful to you by grabbing their attention with help from the training guide included.

Make your dog’s life safer and your life easier by training them to come back to you when you need them to especially when they are in danger or you don’t know where they are.

Can be audible to dogs for up to 800-1000m or half a mile depending on your dog’s hearing and weather conditions for reliable long range obedience training or recall

Can be used in conjunction with other training methods to get a dog’s attention and distract them from barking

Durable metal construction and only 7cm long for maximum portability with a good quality attractive lanyard, wrist bracelet and keyclip to aid easy use.

Also covered by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Get the instant attention of puppies or adult dogs or call them when training or on walks.

Have you ever had the worry of thinking your dog is lost?

Rather than yelling your dog’s name, use your Jedzillas whistle to recall them when you don’t know where they are.

It will always sound the same whatever your emotion or whoever is blowing it – ideal for consistency which makes training easier and more effective.

Perfect for training dogs, finding lost pets and to help you train your dog to stop barking.

This new advanced whistle is powerful enough that your dog could hear it up to 800m to 1000m away (that’s one HALF MILE!) depending on your dog’s hearing, bred, age, weather and wind conditions and also how the whistle is adjusted.

These are all factors that affect the distance that YOUR dog can hear the whistle.

Now available with an attractive lanyard to keep it to hand. Or if you prefer you can use the wrist bracelet or or clip it to your belt or keyring with the clip to keep it to hand.

Designed for the demanding or professional dog owner, with an adjustable pitch it is easy to find the sweet spot for your dog with the screw adjuster and so to perfectly match to your dog’s hearing for best response.

When using the whistle for bark control, to start with it should be used in conjunction with other training methods such as the voice command ‘quiet’.

After sufficient repetition, use of the whistle alone should stop the barking. Note – it is not claimed to be an instant fix – training and patience may be required.

Now YOU can use the expert dog trainer’s secret technique of an affordable professional grade dog whistle. Get yours NOW while it is still available.

The Jedzillas Dog Training Whistle is incredibly convenient to carry and use. It’s just 7cm long and its metal construction will give years of reliable practical use.

However, it is longer than most other whistles resulting in increased distance and frequency ranges to suit your dog.

Don’t forget the Lifetime Guarantee covering materials and workmanship!

Purchased this product to use at training classes, instructor rated this us a good one to use when I showed him. Well designed and made item. The pitch adjustment works well and it is easy to use. Instructions are well written and easy to understand Didn’t take long for my dog to obey and now when out walking in the fields comes back on the first hearing. I would highly recommend.


This little whistle works great. I got it to stop my little dog from barking and it sure works.


Excellent whistle the only thing that has worked to train our puppy. Very well made I will recommend this to all my friends.