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This guide is written to help you train your best four legged friend to sit, stay and come using a dog whistle. This will help you with your dog’s obedience and behaviour and will help you bond with them as well.

We all need to keep our lovely dogs under control, however excitable they may be, both for our own ease when we are out with them and most importantly for their own safety. We don’t want them running off uncontrollably, getting into dangerous situations with people, traffic, livestock, fireworks or whatever else. We just want to give a command and get them back to us nice and safe as soon as possible.

Please remember though a dog whistle is not a magic tool. It requires understanding and patience to use it effectively, but if you follow what this guide sets out to teach you, it can be the most brilliant weapon to keep your friend out of danger and in so doing give you confidence and peace of mind.

We truly hope you find it useful in helping you to train your dog and have fun while you’re doing it – It needn’t be a chore! Good luck!

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