Ultrasonic whistle to teach your dog obedience or to stop barking

This whistle can be set to be heard by your dog but not humans. It’s perfect for training dogs, puppies, finding lost pets and much more including recall and to help you train your dog to stop barking.

This whistle was designed for the demanding dog owner. It features an Adjustable Ultrasonic Pitch. Easily adjust the pitch to perfectly match your dog’s hearing for best response with the screw adjuster.

This powerful ultrasonic whistle can also be completely silent for humans depending how it is adjusted, ideal for indoor use. We can’t hear the whistle, but dogs can. It can also work on your dog over a large distance whwn out walking. The distance will depend on your dog’s hearing, bred, age, weather conditions and how the whistle is adjusted.

These are all factors that affect the distance that YOUR dog can hear the whistle.

  • Easily train your dog through their exceptional hearing
  • Perfect for getting the attention of puppies
  • Call your dog when on outings or training
  • Find your lost dog fast for a happy reunion


Jedzillas Dog Training Whistle is incredibly convenient to carry, pack, and use. It’s just 7cm long and made in durable silver polished metal for years of practical use and enjoyment.

Now YOU can use the expert dog trainer’s secret technique of an affordable professional grade Dog Whistle. This whistle can easily zero in on the sweet spot in your dog’s hearing. Yet you can blow and blow and the neighbors will never hear.

Now available with useful attachments so you know where it is (see options below).

Ultrasonic Whistle and Lanyard

Ultrasonic Whistle, Lanyard and Wrist Loop

Ultrasonic Whistle, Lanyard and Belt/Key Clip

Purchased this product to use at training classes, instructor rated this us a good one to use when I showed him. Well designed and made item. The pitch adjustment works well and it is easy to use. Instructions are well written and easy to understand Didn’t take long for my dog to obey and now when out walking in the fields comes back on the first hearing. I would highly recommend.


This little whistle works great. I got it to stop my little dog from barking and it sure works.


Excellent whistle the only thing that has worked to train our puppy. Very well made I will recommend this to all my friends.